City tours in Arnhem

guided tour

Arnhem is a mixture of old and new: on the one hand it is a medieval city and on the other hand the city was damaged during the Batlle of Arnhem.

The city recieived the title of the greenest city of the Netherlands in 2008 and the greenest city of Europe in 2009. No wonder, it is squashed between the river forelands of the Lower Rijn and the hillsides of the Veluwe Hights. As a result the city has13 city parks. Great for walking and biking!

The tours and walks gives you an insight in the city: with its captivating history and its variation in architecture. The experienced and enthousiastic guide shows you its surprising locations that tourists don’t find themselves…

This tour can be adepted to your interest: with elements on the battle of Arnhem, fashion in Arnhem and typical Arnhem features and locations.