Battle of Arnhem tour and 'A bridge too far'.

operation market garden




This tour brings you along the major sites and monuments of the battle of Arnhem. 

We find out the immediate cause of Operation Market Garden and  why the battle did not turn out as planned. And we learn what the consequences were on the further course of WW II, for the soldiers, the Dutch citizens as for those in the concentration camps (for example Anne Frank).

The beautiful surroundings of Arnhem and Oosterbeek became witness of a traumatic event in history: in 9 days, thousands of soldiers died, were wounded or taken prisoner at war, the ravages in the centre of Arnhem and the evacuation of the Arnhem and Oosterbeek citizens. The guide informs you not only on the facts and the course of the battle but also on the human impact on soldiers and local citizens.  

Historians continue to debate the reasons of Market Garden's failure but the bravery of those involved has never been in question!

According to your interests and available time, we visit:

  • The John Frost bridge and its surroundings
  • The battle of Arnhem information center near the John Frost bridge 
  • The Airborne Museum:
  • the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetary
  • the Westerbouwing height where the story of the First Independant parachute brigade will be told.
  • the old roman church or Lonsdale church. 
  • a few smaller war monuments e.g. the sculptures of the Warrior (Henry Moore) and 'Women during wartime' 
  • the drop and landing zones in Wolfheze, Heelsum and Ede
  • the routes that the battalions of the first Airborne division have followed on their way to the bridges in Arnhem
  • museum 40-45:
  • If there is time and interest: the liberation museum in Groesbeek (near Nijmegen) and the Canadian war cemetery.

A few reactions of clients

T. Evans (november 2014)

Your input was superb and there is no way I could have seen the area as well alone. Particularly helpful was the view from the church and the private spot across from Driel - gave me a real sense of the terrain and distance - which is always hard to get in urban battle sites.
Quite apart from the tour - it was a pleasure to spend the day with you.

Mark Carr (september 2013)

Very pleased. She was informative and friendly and we all learnt a lot. We hugely enjoyed our day with Lut.

Chris Reed (september 2012)

Lut was an exceptional host. Very good information and lots of great visits to replenish this.

Daniel Kasaka (Battle of Arnhem tour augustus 2012)

Lut was great and we would never have achieved half of what we did if we had been on our own.