Bike and Segway Tours in Arnhem

guided tour by bike or segway

Arnhem is the greenest city in the Netherlands. With a wide variation on city parks and beautiful suburbs, step-biking or biking are a pleasant experience.

The tour starts in parc Sonsbeek, city park and the garden of many citizens. A place of strollers, lovers, artists and nature lovers. We get on through old popular quarters, classy suburbs, city gardens and the city's cathedral. We'll finish in parc Sonsbeek .

In 2 hours time you are able to see locations you would never discover yourself and you'll have a nice impression of not only the city centre, but also the popular and splendid suburbs around the centre, imbedded in a belt of beautiful parcs...

According to your condition and budget the tour varies from 2 to 3 hours.